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In addition to a phone, the iPhone also functions as a camera.
The iPhone’s digital camera is not, of course, the first digital
camera, but it is probably the most convenient. With the iPhone camera
users can take either photos or video. The high –quality photos are
sharp enough to be used online, or printed into hard-copy photos.
Short videos make it easy and fun to make a record of special events
and share them with friends and family. Because the iPhone has
internet access, photos and videos can be easily sent to others.
Finally, the iPhone is basically a mini-computer. The basic
applications, or apps, include email and an internet browser. Users
can download thousands of other apps to personalize their phones to
their own lives. For example, for students there are dictionary apps,
apps that provide practice in math and vocabulary, and apps that
review major concepts from almost every subject a person might study
in school. Users can type and send documents, reply to online posts,
and even play games using the iPhone. Because it can be personalized
with each user’s favorite apps, the iPhone is like having a personal
computer in your pocket.
Although the iPhone is an amazing technological development,
there are those that might argue that it is not the most important of
our lifetime. Some might argue that the hybrid car, which uses a
special engine that captures electrical energy and uses less gas, is a
much more important invention. While it is true that hybrid cars, like
the Prius and Volt, are helping drivers save gas, and helping preserve
natural resources, the cars are not as widely used as the iPhone. The
most significant invention has to be the one that has reached the
greatest number of people, and affected the greatest number of lives.
ople know about hybrid cars, but there are millions of people
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