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Math, Science and English Reading/Writing programs (Grades K thru 10)
Writing Programs (the Advanced, SAT or ACT ) with Teacher Feedback (Grades 3 thru 12)
Math, Science and English Reading/Writing programs (Grades K thru 10)
School Supplement is a at-home supplemental education program in Math, Language Arts and Science for grades K thru 10. A 4-week packet of Study Material, Worksheets and Testing Material is mailed to your home every month. The study material and worksheets use a combination of critical thinking and practice to reinforce your child’s basic as well as advanced Math and Science concepts.

How does the School Supplement program work?

Once enrolled you will receive a 4-week packet of worksheets and study material at your home via US Mail. Each worksheet will be marked with the from-date and to-date of the week it needs to be completed by. You do not have to mail the material back to School Supplement. Every other month (i.e. once every 2 months) beginning with the second month of the program you will receive a test which will be used to measure the progress of your child. It is optional to mail/fax/email the test back to School Supplement.

No Contract

There is no contract for the program! Every time you make a payment you will receive a 4-week payment.

Why choose School Supplement?

  • Convenience: Your child can work from the comfort of your home. Save time and energy dropping off and picking up your kids to and from a learning center. The program requires effort of as little as 20 minutes a day.
  • Very Economical: The program prices are provided on the pricing page.
  • Good study habits: Students who study daily consistently outperform students who study only before a test. It also helps students to have a structure to their study.
  • Keep in touch with your child’s school curriculum: The School Supplement curriculum is straightforward and easy to understand and relate to. No need to spend hours trying to understand your child’s school curriculum. School Supplement worksheets provide a weekly update on what your child needs to know. There is also a curriculum overview at the start of every unit.
  • Does not require your child to be logged in to a computer: No need to login to your computer to access your child’s worksheets. The printed worksheets are sent to your home via US Mail.
Format of the worksheets

Math Worksheets: School Supplement has pioneered an innovative approach to learning Math that develops your childís Math skills in three dimensions concurrently every week in Arithmetic, Application and Analytical skills. Arithmetic/Quantitative skills include basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, numeration, fractions etc. Application skills include skills such as find time difference, measurements, fraction/decimal manipulations single-step word problems, counting money/change etc. Analytical skills include higher level skills of reading bar/line/pie charts, multiple step word problems involving several types of Arithmetic/Quantitative skills, etc. Please visit the Curriculum and Samples pages for more information.

The Language Arts program covers all the areas of English language requirements at school including Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonics, Spelling, etc. Since the School Supplement program covers Writing also along with Reading skills your child will likely develop a love for not just Reading books but also writing. The vocabulary worksheets are grade appropriate and enhance comprehension skills.

Science Worksheets: Each Science study packet has 3 sections. Section 1: Reading Material: A high interest, easy readability article that introduces the objective with an engaging fiction or non-fiction passage.  This study material is fun to read!  Section 2: Quiz: “Test Your Knowledge” section with multiple question types. Section 3: Experiment/Activity: An experiment or activity relevant to each objective.  These use a student-centered approach to learning by allowing the student to conduct a hands-on activity. Please visit the Curriculum and Samples pages for more information.

Why do we stamp the date on every Worksheet?

The School Supplement program is designed as a complete program that would fill the gaps in the formal school education. To achieve this goal the student needs to work on a regular basis and the date works as a guide to make sure that the student is on track to finish the program. The filled in date also provides a great motivator to complete the worksheet on the assigned date.


Writing Programs (the Advanced, SAT or ACT ) with Teacher Feedback (Grades 3 thru 12)
(Click here to check out a sample of the program.)
How does the new Advanced Writing Program with Teacher Feedback (online) work?

Have you tried everything to improve your childís writing but nothing seems to work? What if a teacher could review their writing and provide detailed feedback on ways to improve it? School Supplement now offers the Advanced Writing Program with Teacher Feedback that will take your childís writing abilities to the next level regardless of their current writing skills. The online program gives you the added benefit of having the benefits of a teacherís guidance in the convenience of your own home. Access the weekly writing assignments from the School Supplement website and simply submit all assignments through email and a teacherís detailed feedback will be provided to the student (Click here to check out a sample of the program.) Since each assignment is reviewed by a teacher, students receive one-on-one attention rather than a one size fits all approach.

The Advanced Writing Program with Teacher Feedback can challenge students to keep their writing skills sharp during school breaks or it can be used to more specifically assist them with their school writing homework. So how does it work? Each month a 4-week writing assignment will be provided online with samples and instructions on what to write and how to write the best possible essay. This methodical approach to writing makes it easier for students to learn and understand the writing process. Writing assignments will cover a variety of topics and will challenge students to practice different types of writing, including argumentative, persuasive, informative, and many more. Being presented with a different topic each week will also help students overcome writerís block. The Advanced Writing Program with Teacher Feedback gives students a well-rounded grasp of the different types of writing that they will need to know for the future of their academic career.

Students can also use this program for more specific assistance by replacing the assigned writing assignment with their homework writing assignments from school (upto one page per essay). This is a wonderful option for students with a heavy workload as it will allow them to continue to work towards their short and long term writing goals without adding to their workload. Once your child has completed the assignment, simply submit it through email to The writing assignment can be sent as an attached file, typed in the body of the email, emailed from Google drive, or however is most convenient for your child and receive a teacher reviewed feedback with an overall grade/score. After making the necessary corrections, students can resubmit the assignment for a final review. A total of up to four submissions for essay review can be made for each monthly payment.

The Advanced Writing Program with Teacher Feedback will give students the skills they need to be more confident writing for the SAT and ACT, as well as college applications and any future assignments. Being a proficient writer is essential to being successful in school and a good foundation in writing will prepare students for success in middle school, high school, and college.

How does the SAT or ACT Essay Writing Program with Teacher Feedback (online) work?

The SAT and the ACT Essay writing program works the same way as the Advanced Writing Program except that the program is geared towards preparing the student for the essay writing section of the SAT and ACT tests.

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